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2022-05-02: Perses, OpenTelemetry, eBPF, Chainguard, Podman play kube, CloudSeed, KubeCon, SLOConf and more

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👋 Hey, lovely to see you again

"With great instrumentation comes great observability" -- Michael Hausenblas pretty much sums up what's going on with Observability this month, directly tieing into Security, Cloud Native and DevSecOps team workflows (who owns Observability?). There is so much to learn and educate, and KubeCon EU is just two weeks away - hoping to meet you in person!

In this issue, I'll also share ideas on different learning practices, and how I try to stay up-to-date in between Dev, Sec and Ops. More on CI/CD Observability with GitLab soon at cdCon! Now, let's dive in ...

☕ Hot Topics

🛡️ The Sec in Ops in Dev

Chainguard announced the beta release of their first product: Enforce, Software Supply Chain Security for Kubernetes. It comes with a policy agent, CI/CD integration, continuous verification and a so-called evidence lake, powered with CLI and UI access. We're looking forward to diving into Enforce in future #EveryoneCanContribute cafe meetups.

What the NSA and CISA Left Out of Their Kubernetes Hardening Guide dives deep into authentication and authorization, with great practical examples. Limiting access to Kubernetes resources with RBAC is an additional learning resource to bookmark, similar to How to mitigate Kubernetes runtime security threats. The Top 5 Kubernetes Configuration Mistakes - and how to avoid them prompts common mistakes, and I can already say that two of them are mine. The blog post also makes good suggestions to keep your Kubernetes safe and secure. Speaking of security, I've written a German review of the "Hacking Kubernetes" book for If you are reading this newsletter in English, the TL;DR is - one of the best books for Kubernetes Security. Get yourself the ebook, and benefit from also learning container runtime security and eBPF.

Two sizes fit most: PostgreSQL and ClickHouse is an interesting read about relational database and column-based models. I see ClickHouse coming up more often, also in discussion with storing Observability (big) data. Worthwhile to follow the topic and project.

⛅ Cloud Native

Google Cloud and GitLab are collaborating on a new project CloudSeed. Jason Smith wrote a great blog post, citing the real problems: Deploying web applications should be easy, like ridiculously easy. Why do I need to become an NGINX/Apache expert and a Linux Admin just to deploy an application? This has been the pain point for many developers and has left people looking for solutions. If you ever struggled with SSH keys in CI/CD variables to deploy a web app to a cloud VM, give CloudSeed a try.

Mike Julian started a great thread on the big differences between GCP, AWS, and Azure. Spoiler: Customer relations.

Project speedrun: Google has donated Istio to CNCF, Open Policy Agent (OPA) released v3.8.0, Prometheus brings 2.35.0 with more security, cosign pushed v1.8.0, Pixie announced that their OSS profiler now supports Java, Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes 1.22.

👁️ Observability

The Perses team shared a slide update on the scope and roadmap. As a reminder, Perses is part of the Coredash community, aiming to build a GitOps style dashboard framework, Apache-licensed, after Grafana relicensing to AGPLv3. I highly recommend following the project and staying in the loop with progress with the API, configuration backends, and dashboards.

Dive into eBPF with Cilium in 30 minutes and level up your knowledge on Observability. Bilgin shared what Cilium is to eBPF and the ServiceMesh evolution towards Sidecarless with eBPF with great threads to dive in and learn.

Cisco and AppDynamics shared an Apache Module for OpenTelemetry that enables tracing of incoming requests to the server by injecting instrumentation into the Apache server at runtime. Nginx support is on the to-do list. There also is work underway to add auto-instrumentation for OpenTelemetry and Go using eBPF. Will be interesting to see if it can replace manual code instrumentation to a certain point.

Quick 💜

🔍 The inner Dev

PyCon keynotes announced a new innovation: py-script, dive into the announcement Twitter thread. It is Python embedded in HTML running in the browser, using WebAssembly compiled with CPython. See more practical examples in this demo video with Markdown.

Looking for different ways to learn a new language? Peeking into projects using Rust has been a great learning experiment for me, with quick try-outs locally in containers, or Gitpod. Ana shared insights into PL/Rust in PostgreSQL for example, and I have seen Terustry, a Terraform provider registry written in Rust, and a deep-drive into Decentralized cluster membership in Rust.

There are also some controversial discussions on language X vs. Y going on; they are a great way to explore language features and actually learn something useful. Lies we tell ourselves to keep using Golang is a long great read, showing the differences between Golang and Rust (when you ignore the ranting parts).

Closing the loop with WebAssembly to learn - maybe by writing a kubectl plugin?

📈 Your next project could be ...

Podman has many great features, podman play kube as an alternative to Docker compose shared in this article is one of them. It allows to feed a Kubernetes YAML manifest to Podman and execute the pod locally. One benefit is that both Kubernetes and Podman can use the YAML configuration, and you do not need to port it into another YAML format with docker-compose.

OpenTelemetry has greatly enhanced its documentation and getting started guides. I've started with the Go SDK and could follow with the first implementation experiments in GitLab Runner already. It is very convenient to know that traces can be printed to stdout thus not requiring any collector daemon or file storage. I also came across this great article about How to use Contexts in Go. The OpenTelemetry Go library heavily uses context propagation, which is helpful to understand on the learning journey.

📚 Tools and tips for your daily use

🔖 Book'mark

🎥 Events and CfPs

👋 CfPs due soon

Looking for more CfPs? Try CFP Land.

💡 Join my talks :-)

🎤 Shoutouts

Shoutout to Zhang Heqing for the Cars vs. Giant Buldge video. A great distraction from fast-moving technology ;-)

2nd shoutout to Patrick Debois for creating an incredibly engaging tweet asking about engineer levels, wrong answers only.

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