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2022-12-16: Kubernetes 1.26, Keptn 1.0, Flux graduation, Prometheus turns 10, GitLab Web IDE Beta, ripgrep, xq

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πŸ‘‹ Hey, lovely to see you again

A human writes this newsletter. Don't believe me? Here's a view from my new flat - and yes, the big move is made, focussing on all things that are missing (a kitchen would be lovely. Coming in January :-)). Returning to work and community, re-capping what I learned at the great in-person events in the past months, and collecting ideas for fresh content and talks for 2023.

There are plenty of interesting topics, and I wrote a blog post about Hurl, a wonderful CLI tool for website and HTTP API testing. If you do not read everything, don't worry - you can always come back to the online archive and search all past newsletters.

Make sure to take time off over the holidays to refresh your batteries! See you on the other side :-)

β˜• Hot Topics

🎯 Release speed-run

Kubernetes 1.26 brings built-in admission control, building on the ideas of Kyverno and OPA. The userspace mode of kube-proxy is removed, inviting to use a fast eBPF solution such as Cilium instead - thanks Liz Rice. The container registry changed to, and the release artifacts are now signed using cosign, and can be verified. More insights in this article from Datadog, and the illustrated changelog from Aurélie Vache. ⚑

Keptn 1.0 continues the path as a cloud-native SLO-driven lifecycle orchestrator, beyond quality gates where it started 2+ years ago. Cheers to the team reaching such an important milestone! πŸ’₯

Perses v0.20.0 brings more improvements for dashboards as code and better Observability. While still in development, I highly recommend subscribing to release updates. πŸ“ˆ

πŸ›‘οΈ The Sec in Ops in Dev

Google released their OSS vulnerability scanner, which also provides a vulnerability database based on the OSV schema developed in collaboration with the OpenSSF community.

Brendan O'Leary pointed me to Chaos, a DNS dataset API, which aims to help analyze internet wide changes. Maintained by, who are building security tools for asset management and vulnerability scanning, for example nuclei.

Finally, Amazon S3 will block public access by default in April 2023:

Starting in April 2023, Amazon S3 will introduce two new default bucket security settings by automatically enabling S3 Block Public Access and disabling S3 access control lists (ACLs) for all new S3 buckets. With these new defaults, the few applications that need their buckets to be publicly accessible or use ACLs must deliberately configure their buckets to be public or use ACLs.

β›… Cloud Native

Flux is now a CNCF graduated project, proving its value to the cloud-native community. πŸŽ‰ DevSpace was accepted as CNCF sandbox project. 🌱

β€œFlux has been an exciting project to watch as GitOps becomes mainstream,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Cloud Native Computing Foundation. β€œFlux users have not only adopted advanced uses of GitOps and progressive delivery, but they have done so together with key projects in the CNCF landscape like Flagger, Helm, Prometheus, and more. Flux’s graduation is a good indicator of the success and promise of cloud native technologies.”

AWS released Finch, a new open-source client for container development. macOS is the first supported OS, using open-source components including Lima, nerdctl, containerd, and BuildKit. Love to see them building in public: "Rather than iterating in private and releasing a finished project, we feel open source is most successful when diverse voices come to the party.".

πŸ‘οΈ Observability

The remote-write feature in Prometheus can be used in different ways: Sending metrics to long-term storage, collecting metrics from distributed (Kubernetes) clusters, or integrating with hyper cloud provider solutions ("Managed Prometheus Service"). This article explains the basic concepts, discusses root causes with increased ingestion rates, and optimization options for remote write tuning, and deeper analytics on performance scaling.

Understanding OpenTelemetry concepts can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it is great to instead peek into how to things are built in code. What is a receiver, and how to build one? The exhaustive documentation walks you through all steps, including code design patterns (factories, etc.) and adding "check your work" learning reviews. Impressive! Sascha Grunert wrote insights articles about Kubernetes container runtime observability with OpenTelemetry and finding suspicious syscalls with the seccomp notifier. Last but not least, migrating from OpenTracing can be a planning challenge too. Thanks Sonja Chevre for helping shed light! often inspires with observability innovation, and this feature highlight is no difference: A new service map that isn't just a static dashboard - zoom in, filter, add aggregated query views or traces seamlessly. I also learned about BubbleUp, how it helps with verifying SLOs, and much more observability data analytics at scale in this article. Mindblowing.

πŸ” The inner Dev

Last month I stumbled over Hurl to test websites and HTTP APIs, with lots of interest - and the idea to run Hurl continuously in CI/CD too. This blog post walks you through the first steps with Hurl, to response assertions, XML/JSON parsing, using the JUnit test report integration in GitLab, and running tests against deployed review apps. I had a lot of fun writing the blog post, including great discussions with the maintainers, and exceptionally good documentation. Recommend bookmarking the blog post and Hurl as a CLI tool.

The new Web IDE in GitLab will be in Beta soon (Dec 19+). It provides a familiar UI with VS Code and adds new possibilities for remote development too. As a GitLab team member, I was super excited after getting to know VS Code in the browser with Gitpod. I got early access to the feature flag on SaaS - this newsletter is written in the Web IDE Beta, persisted in the public project, and sent via buttondown emailing.

GitLab Web IDE Beta showing newsletter Markdown edit and preview

Shopify adopts Rust for system programming, looking into high-performance servers, Ruby extensions, compiling into WebAssembly, scaling, community, a great library ecosystem for productivity, safety with regards to more errors on compile time, and much more. Great read!

The C programming language receives a new standard: C23. This article sheds insights into what this means for C libraries, and can be a helpful resource when updating source code to the new standard in the future. Python developers, and Ops folks who run services like gunicorn, will love Python 3.11's CPU usage improvements.

πŸ“ˆ Your next project could be ...

πŸ“š Tools and tips for your daily use

  • ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern, respects .gitignore, and is faster than GNU grep. Tested it on the GitLab handbook source with 2,000+ pages.
  • xq is a command-line XML and HTML beautifier and content extractor, for example, extracting the title from RSS feeds: curl -s | xq -x //title.
  • KubeShark, an API traffic viewer for Kubernetes, providing deep visibility into all API traffic. Familiar names? Wireshark, tcpdump GUI.
  • Kaniko CI/CD template to build container images, example from the GitLab infrastructure team.
  • You can copy-paste a spreadsheet into GitLab Markdown and it renders the table for you.

πŸ”– Book'mark

πŸŽ₯ Events and CFPs

πŸ‘‹ CFPs due soon

Looking for more CfPs? Try CFP Land.

🎀 Shoutouts

The creators of Alba: A Wildlife adventure published an addictive learning game with a great atmosphere to relax my brain for a few hours. Played in one go on PS5, other platforms are available too.

Remember old times with the Windows 95 3D Maze screensaver? Here's an addictive version - thanks Marcin SΔ™dΕ‚ak-Jakubowski!


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